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Erika is amazing. She is so passionate about her work as a doula, and she has a calm, reassuring presence, which is exactly what I needed when I was in labor. Even before going into labor, Erika was an awesome resource. She provided me with a lot of information that helped me feel prepared and empowered. When I did go into labor, her encouragement and pain management techniques helped me labor at home until I was in transition. My husband and I both felt like we were in good hands with Erika, and she helped ease some of our anxieties about the unknown. When I was pregnant, I was on the fence about having a doula, because I knew I wanted an epidural. I still got the epidural as I had planned, but I am incredibly grateful that I had Erika by my side during my labor and delivery process. Erika went above and beyond each step of the way. She told me up front that she hates feet and would do anything to help me, except rub my feet. But there I was, in the hospital bed, in the throes of intense contractions, and I look down to see Erika rubbing my feet. Erika provided me with so much physical, mental, and emotion support during my labor and delivery, and I will love her forever as a result.


I knew I wanted to have a doula with me during my birth when my husband and I took our tour of the hospital.  It was in that moment when everything started to get real! I thought that if I had someone who had already been through labor, coaching me through it I could have the all natural birth plan I wanted. 

It wasn’t long after that we were connected with Erika.  I was a little hesitant on allowing someone who I had never met before be a part of one of the biggest days of my life! My husband assured me that I would love Erika, as they had been friends for a few years. Looking back on that day now I can’t imagine going through that day without Erika being there!

    Erika and I had met several times before my due date to discuss what I wanted for my birth plan.  She was 100 % on board with helping me achieve my goals of wanting to deliver naturally with no medication. 

The night my water broke, I went to the hospital 6 hours later to find out I wasn’t dilated yet. I returned home and Erika came over to try to help me bring labor on naturally. After trying different positions and techniques to start labor we went back to the hospital to find out I still wasn’t dilated. I was then started on pitocin, which was going to bring on my labor hard and fast! During the 5.5 hours of my labor there wasn’t a moment where Erika wasn’t right there beside me telling me I could do this.  She was constantly trying different positions and massage points with me to help ease the pain. Her calm and encouraging voice helped me to manage my pain through each contraction. Having Erika there with me during labor helped to take all the responsibilities of being my “coach” off of my husband, and he was able to simply just be there for me. Erika came to the hospital the day after I had my daughter to help me with some latching issues. She always conducted herself in a very professional manner and I always felt comfortable with her! 

Erika is a phenomenal doula and you can tell that this is her passion. She truly puts her heart into her work and that makes all the difference!  I was beyond pleased with my experience using her, and will recommend her to anyone who is thinking of using a doula during their birth. I know that I will be asking for her services in the future.